We looked at the kind of rich, sumptuous selfcare products used by humans who love luxury, then reimagined and rebalanced them for today's top dogs.

This is real dog luxury


None of the dog shampoos and grooming sprays we tried were quite luxurious enough for our pampered pet.

So, we made our own.


These are the products you'd want to try if you were a picky pooch.

Kind on sensitive skin, Foxy Margot products are non-toxic and fragranced with essential oils. Packed with vegan-friendly ingredients, they’re also prebiotic, pH-balanced and designed to leave precious pets irresistibly soft and silky.


Vegan-friendly ingredients

We don't use nasty parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates. And while Margot likes chasing rabbits, she'd never test her products on one.

Luxury Shampoos

Choose from our rich, neroli-infused conditioning Stroke Me shampoo or Sniff Me lavender-scented deodorising shampoo with odour-neutralising antibacterial action.

Gorgeous Grooming

Smooth Me Detangling Spritz gently conditions for less growling at grooming time, while Smell Me Deodorising Mist instantly infuses fur with the delicate scent of neroli.

Soothing & Nurturing

This rich, nurturing balm made with aloe vera and shea butter helps to condition and protect delicate noses and paw pads and keep them soft and infection-free.


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Don't take our word for it


Smell Me actually works on fox poo. Thank goodness.

Jane & Asa

Prestwood, UK


We absolutely love Foxy Margot. Titch has had no reactions which is such a bonus as he suffers with a lot of allergies

Titch and JJ

Scotland, UK


This shampoo is genuinely the best we've had in ages for getting her clean!

Alison and Kitty

West Yorkshire, UK


I normally use shampoo & conditioner but this took half the time as it is an all in one product and left the boys hair shiny, really soft and smelling beautiful. We loved it!

Flavia, Jimi and the boys

Devon, UK


We love this brand so much. Best shampoo we ever used.

Teddy & Louie

Buckinghamshire, UK


I've been looking for something to soothe his nose and this has certainly done the trick. It's a miracle!

Rachel and Dave

Wiltshire, UK