Meet Margot the Foxy

Muddy walks in the woods and fields make Margot the fox terrier very mucky. She also likes to roll in absolutely anything that smells horrible. We didn't like bathing and grooming her with perfumed synthetic stuff, so we created natural, kind and gentle alternatives that smell amazing and are suitable for all fur types. We're very excited to share them with you.

She's sensitive...

Margot has sensitive skin that's easily aggravated. Lots of the shampoos we tried left her feeling all dry and itchy. So, we created gentle, pampering recipes especially for her. And her friends.

Margot’s humans decided to create their own collection of pup pampering products, especially for Margot…and all her friends.

Each lovingly made Foxy Margot formulation is a prebiotic blend of proven ingredients, including rich shea butter, soothing aloe vera and pure essential oils. They’re crafted in small batches in the UK and each one has been tried and tested…on Margot. We hope you like them.

Luxury Shampoos

Choose from our rich, neroli-infused conditioning Stroke Me shampoo or Sniff Me lavender-scented deodorising shampoo with odour-neutralising antibacterial action.


Gorgeous Grooming

Smooth Me Detangling Spritz gently conditions for less growling at grooming time, while Smell Me Deodorising Mist instantly infuses fur with the delicate scent of neroli.

Soothing Skincare

This rich, nurturing balm made with with aloe vera and shea butter helps to condition and protect delicate noses and paw pads and keep them soft and infection-free.